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AVAHO Advocacy Updates

Over the last year, AVAHO has firmly established its advocacy efforts, having formed a new advocacy committee, created a legislative action center on our website, and collaborated with several other healthcare organizations to advocate for veteran oncology care, including NOVA (Nurses Organization of Veterans Affairs), HOPA (Hematology Oncology Pharmacy Association), and ACCC (Association of Community Cancer Centers).

In 2024, AVAHO plans to expand its advocacy efforts further, with more grassroots legislative advocacy for its members through the legislative action center. In addition, AVAHO is currently planning an initial “capitol hill day” for advocacy committee members and AVAHO leadership. This first trip to capitol hill will be vital for establishing relationships with representatives and their staff, and to develop the skills and experience necessary to have productive future trips, with the hope of helping to shape the narrative of the next legislative body after this year’s general election with a more encompassing capitol hill visit in 2025.

Want to learn more? Want to get involved? Make sure and check out the advocacy page on AVAHOs website on a regular basis, as that will be the primary location that AVAHO will list our legislative priorities, as well as important news/updates, active legislature worth researching, and any bills that AVAHO supports and suggests members write their representatives in favor of – the page will even help members find bills, representatives, and help draft such letters to send!

If you have any other questions or ideas for AVAHO’s advocacy efforts, please contact David Eplin, our advocacy committee chair at

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