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Welcome to the AVAHO Foundation

The AVAHO Foundation was launched in 2023 to support the ongoing needs of AVAHO members and veterans with cancer and hematological disorders. In its inaugural period, the Foundation is focused on the following:

  1. Scholarships for professional development opportunities for AVAHO members, specifically to obtain certification or training required for treating veterans with cancer
  2. Research funding for AVAHO member-driven projects focused on innovative treatment of veterans with cancer
  3. Project-based, specific funding for veterans to access care

At the 2023 Annual Meeting, AVAHO received over $10,000 in funding from the generosity of member donors. These donors are the Foundation's Founding Funders, a distinction they will hold for the lifetime of the Foundation. These members include:

FRIENDS ($1-$49)

Amy Abraham
Renita Allen
Remigio Alonzo
Lorraine Anslover
Jaime Bance
Lakedia Banks
Laura Brammer
Brigitte Brugger
David Budy
Gertrude Butler
Beth Chiappetta
Lauren Cliffel
Breanne Cornejo
Emily Craig
Grace Cullen
Barbara Cunningham
Princess Dugas
Brenda Duncan
Mary Dyer
Allison Evans
Lawrence Feldman
Tina Gill
Sumati Gupta
Elizabeth Hansen
Berni Heron
Ruby Hidalgo
Kathleen Hill
Doris Horton
Stephanie Jacobson
Eliza Kintanar
Wendy Kujawa
Kourtney LaPlant
Julie Lawson
Brittany Leneweaver
Sue Lentz
Jane Looney
Janet Mallabo
Paige May
Barbara McFee
Allison McLuckey
Maria Merca
Sarah Morrison
Haley Moss
Jane Murphy
Marcia Mylott
Gaye Padayao
Madison Panell
Reid Paul
Lauren Plante
Michelle Popadiuk
Margaret Prizzi
Patricia Pugh
Lillian Reece
Brittany Richo
Gladys Rivero
Susan Ruscheinsky
Denise Schalk
Stacey Schneider
Jolynn Sessions
Michele Summers
Erica Thomas
Lisa Tisch
Daniel Tseronis
Josephine Valdez
Ashley Wheeler
April Williams
Hea Yoon

SUPPORTERS ($50-$99)

Julie Beck
Cindy Bowman
Arlette Coulter
Barbara Gleaton
Jeanette Ha
Michelle Harmon
Elizabeth Harris
Becky Kaefring
Mark Klein
Marisa Marshall
Michael Mcgrath
Kelsey Nichols
Rolinda Nwokonko
Alicia Peralta
Carolyn Riddle
Kathryn Sheppard
William Wachsman

ALLY ($100-$499)

Kris Cervin
Sumana Devata
David Eplin
Maureen Harney
Soo Park
Laura Suzanne Ray
Kathryn Reel
Angelique Ricci
Janice Schwartz
Chris Sherman
Bernice Williams

STARS ($500 - $999)

Tony Quang

CHAMPIONS ($1,000+)

Lorene Valdez-Boyle

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