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In addition to its dedicated members, AVAHO's success is due to substantial support from industry partners who are committed to providing Veterans with exceptional cancer care.

We greatly appreciate our partners for their continued support in providing our members with educational and networking opportunities.

Those who serve deserve the best of our service.

Your sponsorship makes that possible.


Why Partner with AVAHO?

AVAHO's members represent a significant portion of the professionals within VA oncology and hematology. Sponsorship increases your visibility, relationships and competitive edge with these professionals.

Your sponsorship, exhibition, and partnership with AVAHO provides important educational opportunities and resources to the professionals who care for Veterans with cancer and hematological disorders. You help them discover best practices, develop treatment protocols, and work with community providers and companies to provide the best treatment plan for patients.

In addition to professional development opportunities for VA and community-based healthcare professionals, your partnership is key in helping AVAHO advocate for the best resources and opportunities for VA employees and their patients, and helps build our nonprofit Foundation to identify and utilize the best research and treatment options for veterans.


Benefits of Support:

  • Company visibility and access to hematology/oncology professionals working with Veterans

  • Support collaboration and networking of various VA hematology and oncology professionals to provide high quality patient care for our nation’s Veterans

  • Build relationships with key leaders in hematology/oncology

  • Ensure that professionals who provide ongoing care to Veterans with cancer and hematologic disorders have the best information, professional networks and clinical knowledge to provide the highest quality of care to Veterans.


Are you a Nonprofit?

AVAHO recognizes the importance of the participation of nonprofit patient advocacy and support organizations at our annual meeting. We reserve space for these partners to participate. The eligibility for and availability of this exhibit space are at AVAHO's discretion.

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