Interested in Initiating a Multi-Site Trial?

As part of the AVAHO-NAVREF partnership, a clinical trials facilitator has been designated to assist industry sponsors and VA investigators interested in conducting multi-site clinical trials. The facilitator serves as the initial point of contact for sponsors and ensures that trials are  By contacting the facilitator, sponsors can be assured that their trials will be efficiently vetted by the appropriate disease site lead or subcommittee. Currently, there are six disease sites, led by VA clinician-investigators across the country.  

Disease Site​




Thoracic/Head & Neck










Bruce Montgomery, VA Puget Sound Healthcare System

Matthew Rettig, VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System

Daniel Becker, VA NY Harbor Healthcare System

Albert Lin, VA Palo Alto Healthcare System

Apar Ganti, Omaha VA Medical Center

Mark Klein, Minneapolis VA Healthcare System

Priya Vishnubhotla, Orlando VA Medical Center

Michael Chang, Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center (Richmond, VA)

Anita Aggarwal, Washington DC VA Medical Center

Daphne Friedman, Durham VAMC

Doug Hawley, Cincinnati VAMC

Howard Coleman, VA Salt Lake CIty Healthcare System

The clinical trials facilitator, not only shares potential studies with the disease site leads, but also works with the sponsor, VA, and the VA affiliated non-profit corporations (NPCs) on various aspects of study start up, such as:

  • Identification of potential sites

  • Development of multi-site non-disclosure agreement templates

  • Coordinating the execution of non-disclosure agreements at the facility level

  • Serving as a liaison between industry and VA regarding study issues such as privacy and information security.

  • Providing education and assistance to sponsors and sites regarding the conduct of multi-site trials within VA.

  • Working with sponsor and sites to identify appropriate personnel/sites to lead the centralization of contracts, budgets and IRB submission. Any sponsor with a trial endorsed by the disease site lead or subcommittee  will utilize the facilitator to assist with site identification, centralization of agreements, budgeting, and if appropriate, IRB review.


Any sponsor interested in conducting a multisite trial within VA is encouraged to contact the facilitator as the first step.

About VA’s Commitment to Providing Veterans Access to Quality Clinical Trials

VA recently initiated a dedicated approach to providing Veterans with greater access to quality clinical trials.  This multi-stakeholder effort titled “Access to Clinical Trials (ACT) for Veterans” involves VA and its various components, industry, VA affiliated non-profit corporations, and patient advocacy groups.  Together, work is coordinated around identified priorities involving processes, tools, and capabilities for facilitating the initiation of partnered multisite clinical trials.  The initiative is led by VA and NAVREF and is strengthen by the involvement of various stakeholders, including VA investigators and sponsor representatives. Additional information regarding this effort can be obtained at 

For more information contact:

Krissa Caroff, MS

Clinical Trials Facilitator

(301) 276-0758

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