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AVAHO Regional Meetings Update

In 2023, AVAHO introduced another form of in-person learning: Regional Meetings.  Regional meetings were introduced to provide membership with additional opportunities to interact with fellow AVAHO members, while learning about VA oncology from a multidisciplinary perspective.  Annual Membership survey results frequently request additional networking time and AVAHO listened to those needs.  Many members have never attended the annual meeting due to the involved travel and work commitments.  So, AVAHO decided to bring learning and networking opportunities to you!

Three meetings were held in 2023.  Each meeting focused on a specific oncology topic, geographically spread across the country.  The first was held in Nashville on CAR-T Therapy, followed by Lung Cancer in Indianapolis, and concluded with Breast Cancer in Tampa.   Each offered multidisciplinary discussions, which remain essential to meet the needs of our varied specialties represented in AVAHO membership.  This smaller gathering of oncology providers enabled spontaneous and robust discussions, along with the opportunity to develop connections with other VA and community colleagues.  Such connections enable potential collaborations for implantation of best practices, breaking the information silos of the VA.  They also create an opportunity to connect with community providers, those caring for our Veterans living with a diagnosis of cancer, to improve the communication and timeliness of care.

Due to the success of these meetings, the Board agreed to provide three more meetings in 2024.  March 9th, Dr. Menendez will host a lecture “Genetics, Genomics, and Precision Medicine in Oncology” at the Durham Hilton in Durham, NC.  Registration is open for this lecture on the AVAHO website @ Genetics, Genomics, and Precision Medicine in Oncology - Association of VA Hematology/Oncology ( On May 9th, Dr. Tony Quang and Dr. Molly Tokaz, will host a meeting in Seattle, WA on Head and Neck Cancers in the VA.  Registration will open soon for this great topic, so be sure to check your emails for announcements!  Grace Cullen is currently planning a lecture on Prostate Cancer to be held the end of June in Detroit, MI.

Meetings are free and provide 4-5 continuing education credits.  They are designed for local attendees, but anyone can attend.  However, AVAHO is not providing travel support for Regional Meetings.  Hope you can join us in a city near you!

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