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Greetings AVAHO members;

I hope this message finds you all recovered from the holiday seasons, and eagerly awaiting springs arrival and winters departure! Mother nature has been rather “angry” this year, hasn’t she? We wanted to give you an update, your AVAHO Board has been working hard to continue to take the organization to new levels of education and support. The 2018 AVAHO annual meeting planning committee are also putting together an amazing agenda for this years annual meeting in Chicago in September that I believe will please every discipline in attendance in terms of the quality and depth of programs being offered.

The board continues to listen to your comments and feedback, and try to incorporate your suggestions to further enhance the value of your membership. I continue to preach; “Where else could you get both this level of quality and your continuing education under one roof for the mere registration fee that is required”? Nowhere that I am aware of, at least NOT in pharmacy as any meeting I attend easily hits the $500-$600 range JUST for the registration, not even accounting for the travel expenses!

Keep your eyes and e-mail open, announcements for the 2018 meeting, abstract submissions and some potential additional programs are in the development stage that we hope to inform you of shortly. In the meantime, continue providing the amazing cancer and supportive care you are providing to our Veteran’s, we should all be proud of what we do on a daily basis.

Rusty Crawford

AVAHO President

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