AVAHO Volunteer Ambassador Program Description


The purpose of this charter is to establish the AVAHO Ambassador Program.The Program will provide a leadership opportunity for AVAHO members who are dedicated to representing the Organization to potential members and partners across the VA community.

  1. Goal – Increase the number of dedicated, influential members by:

  2. Promoting the Mission of AVAHO - encouraging professional networking and extending educational opportunities for those who deliver cancer care to Veterans.

  3. Promoting AVAHO’s opportunities for improving research capabilities for those who deliver cancer care to Veterans.

  4. Identifying areas 1) of the country (VISNs, states, facilities, etc.) or 2) of expertise/clinical discipline, or 3) programs that have been recognized for excellence in cancer care, where there are opportunities for increased AVAHO participation.

  5. Engaging those less represented areas to establish or increase membership and participation in AVAHO.

Committee Membership

The Program shall be overseen by a subgroup of the AVAHO Membership Committee, the committee responsible for the promotion of the growth of AVAHO.The Membership Committee also functions to ensure that the activities of the organization are of relevance and value to the members and in relation to this function, shall authorize the Ambassador Program participants to report to the Communications Committee.Through this link, some information as to the satisfaction of members may be captured and relayed back to the Board of Directors.

Volunteer Ambassador Roles/Duties – Basic

AVAHO seeks volunteer Ambassadors to help promote the Organization. Ambassadors will work with in their immediate community and/or sphere of influence to raise the visibility of the Organization, facilitate the mission, and encourage participation.


  1. Must have been a member of AVAHO for at least one year and have attended at least one annual meeting

  2. Should have some attachment to cancer control, i.e. Medical Center cancer committee, pharmacy, social work, registry, allied cancer care, survivorship, pain management and palliative care, primary care, mental health, hospice, chaplaincy, etc.

  3. Should be someone who embodies the identity of the organization

  4. Fully understands and is enthusiastic and passionate for the mission of the organization

Volunteer Ambassador Next Level Opportunities

  1. Continue to discuss and consider configurations of the above descriptions to include Regional Ambassadors or Ambassador by VISN, an orientation for interested members, specialist Ambassadors – peer-to-peer outreach, identification of points of contact for facilities.

  2. Design novel ideas for introducing AVAHO to interested parties at home facility which might include:

  • Identifying/developing ideas for introducing AVAHO to new employees and to cancer committee members.

  • Developing interesting stories from past AVAHO events.

  • Drafting clear, brief messages or “commercials” about AVAHO that communicate what AVAHO is and the benefits of membership.

  • Designing professional grade, colorful, one-page brochures that are provided to the Ambassador for handing out at meetings, etc., to promote membership and participation in AVAHO.


Activities of the Volunteer Ambassador Program shall be reported to the Membership Committee during their monthly committee meeting, who in turn will report to the Board at least quarterly, and more frequently as warranted.

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