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Season’s Greetings to All AVAHO Members,

I hope this message finds you all recovered but still enthusiastic after our amazing meeting in Denver in September, and that you are all looking forward to your respective holidays. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your contributions to AVAHO over the past year in helping make this such an amazing organization to be a part of. As you have heard me state several times previously, “an organization is only as good as the contributions of its members”, and that remains a very true statement in my opinion.

I would also like to commend all of you for your passion and enthusiasm in caring for our Veterans with cancer. I had the opportunity to visit with many of our sponsors from Pharma during the meeting, and almost to a tee each of them commented on how passionate and devoted the members are in caring for our patients, and that their caring and compassion showed! You should all be proud of that recognition, and of the support AVAHO and its partners are providing to ensure you have the tools and the skills to perform at the highest level of quality. I was amazed in talking to the folks in industry who support our organization just HOW committed they are in being involved in Veteran Care, and that it is a source of pride for them as well to be involved in our patients care.

Your AVAHO board is currently reviewing all the comments and feedback we received from you after our annual meeting, so that we may continue to adjust the organization that meet YOUR needs. Two items I have added to this month’s newsletter includes an area for oncology job postings at the various VA medical centers. If you have positions at your facility that you are currently recruiting for that involves VA Oncology Care (provider, nursing, pharmacy, cancer registrar, etc.) and would like it announced in the newsletter please send us the official HR announcement to include. Secondly, the membership committee has worked very hard in developing an “Ambassador Program” to go spread the word and recruit on behalf of AVAHO. The program description is also included in your newsletter, please reach out to membership committee chair Tina Gill if you are interested in learning more about the Ambassador Program.

I will continue to bring you updates as to what the Board is doing to strengthen and improve our organization, and will encourage members to share with us changes they would like to see occur and how the organization would benefit from those changes. Thanks, and Happy Holidays to you all and your families.

Rusty Crawford, B Pharm, BCOP

Current AVAHO President

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