The Editor's Corner

With Growth Comes Change

As we near the date for our annual conference in Denver, I refer you to the message from our President Mary Thomas, updating the members on some of the changes that are occurring within YOUR organization. I believe the Board has made several significant changes over the past several years that have benefited the entire organization; including the areas of research for Veteran’s with cancer, increased educational opportunities and a long-term plan for the continued growth and success of AVAHO.

These changes that have been implemented reflect the growth of the organization, which is a good thing……..right? AVAHO continues to explore ways to expand what it offers and bring “value” to its members and become more than a “one meeting a year organization”. As a member of any professional organization, we are generally willing to pay more into an organization if we feel it provides something of value in return to us. It is imperative that the members embrace this philosophy, because we are so highly dependent on the generosity of our partners in the Pharmaceutical industry to be able to put on our annual meeting at practically no cost to the members. As the organization continues to grow in membership, the funding provided may not always be enough to cover the expense of putting on a meeting, thereby placing more financial responsibility to the members. If we ensure that everyone (both members and those in industry) feel they get “value” out of their contributions to the organization, it is a “win-win” for everyone and marginal changes in membership fees or meeting expenses should be acceptable to all. If the attitude is “I only belong to AVAHO because it is a free meeting” we will fail in the long run as growth continues.

That is why it is imperative that the members are (1) actively involved in the organization because this is YOUR organization, and that (2) members are encouraged to provide suggestions for ways to further improve the organization as we continue to grow. I look forward to the opportunity “taking the reins” from Mary in Denver, and leading AVAHO into another year filled with growth and success. See you all in Denver, safe travels.

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