Catalyst Grant

AVAHO is committed to supporting the ongoing research necessary to ensure the best quality of care for Veterans. We provide one seed grant annually for $25,000 to a member in good standing to support investigators who conduct clinical or basic science research studies in the VA. The awarded study will:

  • Improve the care of Veterans with cancer or hematologic disorders, and/or

  • Expand Veteran access to cancer clinical trials


  • Minimum 4/8ths appointment at a VA medical center

  • Masters or doctorate degree in a healthcare related area of study

  • Completed terminal degree or fellowship training within past 10 years


March 31, 2019

Full Submission Deadline:
March 31, 2019

Award Notification:
May 31, 2019


Contact Drew Moghanaki

AVAHO Research Committee Chair



Solomon A. Graf, MD


VA Puget Sound Health Care System


Katherine Faricy-Anderson, MD, MPH

Providence VA Medical Center


Upload a single-document letter of intent that addresses each of the following (maximum 5 pages, PDF preferred, including title of each subheading in the letter).

  1. Title & name of lead investigator(s)

  2. Abstract

  3. Objective(s)

  4. Relevance to VA cancer care

  5. Study design

  6. Feasibility to complete in 12 months

  7. Summary of any preliminary findings which would support this research

  8. VA employment status

  9. Academic employment status

  10. Resources available to help with data collection and analysis

  11. Budget: Estimating the resources needed with a brief justification

Review Criteria

Application reviews will prioritize proposals that are:

  1. Innovative

  2. Relevant to Veterans and the VHA

  3. Conducted by investigators who have experience with the proposed methodology. Mentored support is optional, and if included requires a 1 page letter of support.

  4. Collaborative with other investigators in the VA [Note: the AVAHO research committee is a highly valuable resource to identify other investigators in the VA (e.g. biostatisticians or clinical trialists)]

  5. Designed to support the pursuit of future funding

Budgets may support, but are not limited to: employing research assistants, providing patient incentives, purchasing equipment and/or supplies, and up to $1,500 per year for travel to present data at a national meeting from this research proposal.

Projects for consideration do not need to be IRB approved except in situations where the investigation meets the VHA Handbook definition of “research”.


All presentations, whether at a meeting or in publication, will disclose funding support from the “Association of Veterans Affairs Hematology/Oncology Cancer Research Scholarship Program”.

An abstract will be submitted the following year for presentation at AVAHO.

Two (2) separate progress reports will be due at 6 months and at the completion of the 12-month funding period, recognizing that the project may still be ongoing. Progress reports should be no more than one page and should include a summary of

  1. Project milestones and findings

  2. Key challenges, and

  3. Next steps or plans for future funding.

​Applying for renewed funding is encouraged.

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