Health Services Research

"Health services research examines how people get access to health care, how much care costs, and what happens to patients as a result of this care. The main goals of health services research are to identify the most effective ways to organize, manage, finance, and deliver high quality care; reduce medical errors; and improve patient safety."

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2002



In the VA, Health Services Research & Development (HSR&D) works to identify and evaluate innovative strategies that lead to accessible, high quality cost-effective care for Veterans and the nation.


Funding for health services research is available through the VA and other resources on an episodic basis.


We also encourage you to explore VA data sources or participate in a Health Services Research training webinar

You can help!

If you're interested in assisting AVAHO identify funding, research opportunities, or other ways to improve our delivery of care to Veterans please contact us today.

Committee Members

David Haggstrom, MD, MAS, Chair

Nirmala Bhopalam

Brian Cassel

Sarah Colonna

Bassam Dahman,PhD

Marilyn Dille

Katherine Faricy-Anderson, MD, MPH

Tina Gill, MA,IOC

Solomon Graf, MD

Ahmad Halwani,MD

Elizabeth Henry,MD

Jenna Houranieh,PharmD

Fatima Khan

Mark Klein,MD

Steve Lee, MD

Julie Lynch PhD, RN, MBA

Marie Mesidor,PhD

Dalia Mobarek

Drew Moghanaki,MD, MPH

Jimmy Ruiz,MD

Ajay Sandhu,MD

Abigail Silva,PhD

Hema Vankayala,MD

Leah Zullig,PhD

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