Our members are life savers.

AVAHO's membership represents diverse professionals working within the VA to provide exceptional care for Veterans with cancer and hematologic disorders.



  • Networking with other oncology and hematology professionals

  • Shared information regarding trends in cancer care

  • Access to quality, low- or no-cost educational forums and CEUs for licensure requirements

  • Opportunity to support career development of professional peers

  • Ability to connect with industry to understand trends and issues

  • Ability to vote and hold office within AVAHO

  • Have first opportunity to register for the annual meeting and other educational opportunities

  • Free subscription to Federal Practitioner

We invite any health care professional with interest in the area of hematology/oncology to join AVAHO. This includes, but is not limited to: physicians, scientists, pharmacists, nurses, educators, administrators etc. While AVAHO's focus is the VA employees and patients, membership is not exclusive to VA employeesPer our bylaws, employees of commercial companies cannot be members of AVAHO.

Membership Dues: $75 annually

Due by January 31st of the membership year. This price remains the same if you become a member any time after January 31st. Members joining after November 1 will begin their membership January 1 of the following year. Current members must pay by January 31 of each year to remain in good standing.

Join a movement of excellence in Veteran care.

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